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Tab Area Mirror - Captured 10.25.2019

11.10.2019 - went down without warning.

11.23.2019 - JR restored the site's main pages, but stated that the Tab Area and Forums will require updates that will take an unknown amount of time.

Since then we have received no word regarding the status of their return.

I have seen many websites unexpectedly disappear from the internet over the years and as a result had been backing up the Tab Area regularly. It would be a travesty to lose the many thousands of hours of collective labor represented by this database.

Known imperfections of the mirror:

- The links in the top navigation bar direct to
- The search functions are non-operational and also direct to
- Logging in is impossible.
- Ratings are inaccessible.
- Zip download links do not work.
- "Show album titles" buttons do not work.
- Download counts are static.

Any questions or concerns please reach me via email at